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Coffigo’s coffee trading service begins with a competitively priced offer designed to meet your supply requirements. Our coffee traders work hard to ensure the right raw coffee is made available at the right price. When you close a trade with us, our logistics managers begin their work to ensure your order is shipped safely and on time to your location.

Coffee trading service

Our coffee traders have a wealth of experience within the industry. They understand what a roaster is looking for in terms of raw coffee quality and pricing. Through market insight, Coffigo puts together attractive proposals that are both competitive and dependable. They develop long-term relationships with clients that are built on trust and delivering expectation.

Connect with Coffigo’s Senior Trader Oliver Broster about your particular requirements: +44 7826 462 668.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Fulfilling your order begins long before you trade with Coffigo. We have in place a network of trusted exporters which enables us to supply the right raw coffee to meet your supply chain needs, whatever the scale.

We go the extra mile
Shipping raw coffee requires know how. Crops are often harvested in remote regions within countries that have challenging infrastructure and geopolitics. It involves regulations, paperwork, customs clearance and careful handling. Coffigo’s logistics team manages the whole journey for you. They go the extra mile to ensure your coffee order arrives at your chosen location on the agreed date.

Product inventory & Quality

Coffigo keeps uncommitted stocks of raw coffee in strategic locations such as Koper, Ploce and Bar. This enables us to offer clients flexibility. We also store stock that is committed to our clients, releasing it to meet their supply chain needs through the year. Regular inventory checks keep you fully informed.

Quality control
Samples of coffee are sent for testing in our cupping facility in Vienna. Appearance, taste and aroma checks ensure everything is as it should be.

The right quality at the right price

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